Last updated
July 19 2020

There are 50 million singles on tinder. You need to master this app. You deserve to be everyone’s swipe right, but you just aren’t getting as many matches as you’d like to be getting. Are you getting no Tinder matches? By the end of this article, you’ll have so many matches that you won’t even know what to do with yourself.

Hold the phone. Now you can swipe from any browser, on any device, anywhere in the world. For many of us, Tinder has always been nearby—in your pocket, on your nightstand, or quietly racking up new matches at the bottom of your purse. But for some, using Tinder hasn’t always been as simple as reaching over, tapping the app and messaging your matches. Let’s face it: not all places on earth have 4G. Some people can’t get bundled services, while others don’t have enough memory to support Tinder on their mobile phones. For all those who’ve ever been stuck in a lecture hall or had to endure an eight-hour workday without access to Tinder—this is for you.
Of course, there’s lots of other problems with Tinder, such as violating privacy by selling off personal data, but it’s undeniable that the advent of Tinder has made dating a lot more accessible. Of course, it’s still known mostly as a hookup app, but the number of stories of couples who met on Tinder has been rising for the last couple of years. You meet all kinds of people on Tinder, who try to scrutinize your profile picture (and your description) to death. Take comedian Hana Michels, for instance, who had been using a picture of herself in a bathrobe brushing her teeth as her profile picture for over a year. In that one year, twenty three men contacted her just to let her know that she was using the toilet paper the wrong way.
There’s a good chance they are either already in a relationship or are taking some time off from dating. However, their curiosity got the better of them, and that’s how they ended up on Tinder. There are those, of course, who have seriously considered dating but still feel self-conscious about putting themselves out there. They might swipe right from time to time, sure, but they rarely check their inbox for messages. Then there are the pen pals: those who are up for conversations, full-speed flirting and everything else that comes with dating, minus the actual dating, of course. I have been guilty of doing this too: I was trying to enjoy the process of getting to know people without actually committing to dating. These are the people who are actively trying to avoid any meetups. If they do agree to a date by accident, expect them to no show or bring up an excuse at the last minute.

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